Experiential Ideas for Celebrating Mom

Moms deserve lots of recognition for everything they do. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation with typical go-to options like chocolates or flowers. These are fine gifts, but a unique experience, instead of a physical gift, could create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some ideas for experiential gifts for mom that can’t be wrapped in a box:

Is there a topic or skill the mother in your life would like to know more about? It could be something artistic, athletic or practical. Consider dance lessons, golf or tennis training, a painting class, photography courses, jewelry making, or many other options.

An Unexpected Party
There’s no rule that states we have to reserve parties for birthdays. A May Mother’s Party can be a festive way to show mom how much she means to the family. You can invite her friends, prepare her favorite food, and play the music she loves. Entertain guests with a slideshow or video montage of mom being mom throughout the years.

Tickets to an experience that mom might not treat herself to are another memorable choice. It could be her favorite band in concert; a play, opera or ballet; or great seats at a sporting event. There’s even stand-up comedy for moms who enjoy a good laugh.

Adventurous Activities
For adrenaline-junky moms, you can book a more exciting outing. Her need for speed can be satisfied by a racetrack driving experience, zipline outing or helicopter ride. Her nature-loving side might enjoy snorkeling, spelunking or rock climbing. And there’s skydiving, hang gliding, whitewater rafting and bungee jumping for moms who are ready for adventure.

Bring the Experience to Her
Today there are multiple possibilities for unique experiences that will come to your home. In many areas, you can hire a personal chef for a night, either to create an unforgettable meal, lead the family in a cooking demonstration, or both. “House shows” are a popular movement where you hire a musician or band to play a concert in your home. Or consider a canvas-painting night with family and friends, turning your home into a gallery.

Open your mind to these expanded possibilities; there are so many ways to show mom your love, and they aren’t all chocolate.


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