Happy, Healthy Father’s Day

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for—how many hammers, socks and flashlights can one man own? If you think outside the box, non-traditional gifts for dad can be memorable, fun and healthy. The healthy part is important. What better way to show dad how much he means to you than a gift that will help him live a healthier and longer life?

Something Hands-on and Sporty
Is dad a golfer? A backyard practice net lets him improve his game and get exercise at the same time. A tennis racquet, bowling ball, basketball or pair of running shoes could also be the inspiration for a healthy new hobby. If none of those seem like dad’s cup of tea, consider buying him a few sessions with a personal trainer.

Reasons to Relax
Everyone loves relaxing but many can’t find the time. According to the Mayo Clinic, relaxation can have major health benefits, including slowing your heart rate, lowering blood pressure, improving digestion and much more. Consider giving the father in your life the gift or relaxation. Buy him a massage, a hammock, his favorite relaxing music or meditation lessons.

Grill Accessories
There are many healthy food options when cooking on the grill, some of which require specialized tools that can make perfect gifts. A kabob grilling basket gives dad the excuse to add delicious grilled veggies to the menu. Fish spatulas and seafood grilling baskets make the messy process of grilling healthy fish much easier. There are also baskets for corn on the cob, potato screws for cooking perfect potatoes, and grill-friendly garlic roasters.

Miles and Memories
Hiking can combine exercise, sightseeing and quality time with the family. The National Parks Service says that in addition to multiple benefits to your physical health, hiking together can also improve mental and relational health. Plan a hike with dad and bring a camera or smartphone to capture lots of pictures. You can create a Father’s Day photobook to commemorate the outing.

Don’t get gift paralysis this Father’s Day. Consider some healthy experiences to show the father in your life how much he really means to you.


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