Halloween Costume Safety Tips

For many children, choosing a costume is one of the highlights of Halloween. But Halloween costumes can also create trip hazards, obscure vision and make children difficult to see at night. Read on for some important costume safety tips to consider before sending your ghouls and boys trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Beware of ill-fitting costumes
Before the big day, have children try on their costumes to ensure they are not too loose or too tight. Long costumes or skirts can become trip hazards. Masks should fit securely around a child’s head and provide plenty of openings for ventilation around the nose and mouth. Eye holes in masks should be large enough so that children can see in all directions. Make sure all footwear—from witchy boots to monster feet—is properly sized and comfortable enough to walk in.

Be scary smart when crossing the street
Most children are taught to look both ways before crossing the street. Remember to use crosswalks when possible, and remind children to WALK, not run, from house to house. Carrying a flashlight and fastening reflective tape to costumes will help drivers see children at night.

Make-up tips for the macabre
Hypoallergenic face make-up is an excellent alternative to face masks and allows children (or parents) to add their own creative touch to costumes. Purchase high-quality make-up and test it on a small area of skin first. Remember to remove Halloween make-up before bedtime to prevent irritation of the skin and eyes.

Abominable accessories to avoid
Costume weapons such as swords or knives should be short, blunt and flexible. Eye patches can obscure vision and fake teeth can present a choking hazard. Never carry lit candles or lanterns, and make sure children wear flame-resistant costumes.

Don’t let a costume mishap turn your child’s trick-or-treating into a frightful experience. By putting safety first, Halloween can be fun for the whole family!


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