How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

For those of us who may have splurged on holiday shopping or extravagant meals with friends and family, it’s time to tighten our belts! Fortunately, eating healthy and saving money can go hand in hand. Here are a few ideas for getting your diet—and your budget—back on track.

Cook at home as often as possible
Dining out can be tempting, but it is also expensive. Preparing and eating meals at home is one easy way to save money. To keep meals interesting, ask family or friends to share their favorite recipes, check out cooking shows and blogs for inspiration and change up your menu from time to time by incorporating food when it is in season.

Buy in bulk
Try to buy items with a longer shelf life in bulk. Brown rice, oatmeal and legumes are healthy foods that can be used in a variety of recipes from soups and tacos to breakfast dishes. When purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables or meat in bulk, only buy what you can use before it expires.

Keep your freezer stocked
Want quick, easy access to fruits and veggies without having to worry about them spoiling? Buy them frozen! Research suggests that frozen fruits and vegetables have about the same nutritional value as their fresh counterparts. Cooking large portions of food at a time and freezing the leftovers for later is another way to save money.

Use spices generously
Fresh spices are a healthy and inexpensive way to season food to your taste. Restaurants often add extra salt or sugar to make food taste better. Instead, use budget-friendly spices or plants such as onions, garlic, scallions or peppers to add flavor to your favorite dishes. You’ll save money and calories!

Many people assume that the only way to eat healthy is to buy expensive food. But having a healthy diet and saving money can go together. We hope that these tips will help you and your family enjoy a healthier, happier new year.


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