Sharity Ministries Announces Agreement with Faith Driven Life Church

ATLANTA–Sharity Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit health care sharing ministry, is proud to announce its agreement with Faith Driven Life Church, a Church of God in Christ church located in East Point, Ga. The church has been proudly helping its members share their medical expenses since 1997, and through this relationship, Sharity aims to continue this tradition of sharing for the benefit of its collective membership.

“God commands us to bear each other’s burdens. At Sharity, we minister to families with medical bills by connecting them with other families to help pay these bills voluntarily with gifts,” said Joe Guarino, president of Sharity Ministries. “We are grateful and excited about having a relationship with a church that shares these beliefs and principles.”

Guarino added, “If federal and state health care reform laws have consumers seeking a cost-effective choice to pay for their medical bills which is consistent with their religious beliefs, then Sharity is here to help facilitate that kind of sharing. It’s important that members understand Sharity is not an insurance company, but instead a ministry helping likeminded people voluntarily share their medical expenses.”

In 2019, Sharity’s members shared in the cost of nearly $58 million in medical bills.

About Sharity Ministries

Sharity Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit health care sharing ministry built on the centuries-old Christian tradition of sharing and bearing one another’s health care needs. Our members hold a common set of ethical and religious beliefs, and voluntarily agree to share their medical expenses in accordance with those beliefs. Sharity guides cost sharing of member contributions for certain eligible health care needs. Sharity uses innovative technologies to streamline access to individual and family-focused health care services at each step along the care continuum. Our sharing programs are designed to simplify the complexities of health care, while putting the power of choice back in the hands of our members, 24/7, 365 days/year. For more information, visit


Joe Guarino, President
Sharity Healthshare, Inc.


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