7 Exercise Ideas for Couples

If getting fit is one of your health goals this year, consider enlisting your spouse for help. Studies have shown that people who exercise with others enjoy workouts that are longer and more intense than exercising alone. So grab your honey and try one of these fun workout ideas for couples!

  1. Cycling
    Whether you live in the city or the country, riding a bike together can help you get out and explore new places. Cycling is also a good workout for your heart with a low impact on your joints. Be sure to choose a route that is comfortable for both of your fitness levels, remember your safety gear and start pedaling!
  2. Dancing
    Learning how to dance is a romantic and exciting way for couples to connect while burning calories. Check to see if your local gym or community center offers salsa, tango, hip-hop or any other dance classes for couples. Your new moves will help you both attain better health and a new skill.
  3. Yoga
    Couples yoga includes poses that are meant to be performed together, strengthening your bodies and deepening your relationship. Besides improving flexibility and focus, you’ll build trust and communication as you embark upon this ancient form of fitness.
  4. Weightlifting
    Lifting weights helps improve muscle tone and bone density. Instead of going it alone, enlist your better half the next time you hit the gym. Trade weightlifting techniques and tips on form, or take turns being the spotter and helping to motivate each other. If you are both new to weightlifting, take a lesson from a personal trainer to learn proper form and a customized routine for each person.
  5. Kickboxing
    Taking a kickboxing class together can help you both blow off steam in a healthy way! You’ll get a full-body workout in a fairly short amount of time, build confidence and learn a new skill.
  6. Hiking
    Hiking is the perfect exercise for couples because it is so easily customizable. You can choose to hike a beginner’s trail or take a more difficult path over hilly terrain. The person with the higher fitness level can wear a weighted vest for an extra challenge. Whether you enjoy an early morning workout or prefer winding down after a tough day, hiking can help you both get fit while spending quality time together in nature.
  7. Skiing or Snowboarding
    Take advantage of the winter months to plan a ski trip or learn how to snowboard! This is a wonderful workout for the legs and heart and can help with improving balance over time. Once you’re done hitting the slopes, recover with a couples’ spa treatment or relax together by the fire at the ski lodge.

February is traditionally a time when we focus on love. What better way to show your sweetheart (and your own heart) some love than by working out as a couple? It’s a fun approach to fitness and much healthier than a box of chocolates!


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