Family-Friendly at Home Activities

The silver lining of social distancing is that we get to spend more time with the people who matter — our families. After a while, you may find yourself becoming bored or unsure of what you can do for activities to keep yourself and your children entertained.

Please find the following engaging ideas for fun-filled family time that are sure to please the children in your home and to help you, as parents, find your inner child again.

Board Games
Board games are always a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. No matter what game you decide to play, the important thing to remember is to have fun! One way you can spice things up is to switch up the rules for a game you’re all comfortable with. Keeping things varied and fresh can go a long way to entertain your family. To find several family-friendly game options, please click here.

Movie Nights
Movie nights are another staple family activity. Nothing beats making some popcorn, getting comfortable, cuddling up with your family and enjoying a movie. Be sure to take turns picking the movies, too! This keeps the types of movies you’re watching fresh! And, depending on how young your children are, it may teach them about sharing and compromise to boot.

Cooking Together
Cooking together as a family can be both fun and exciting. Find a recipe online, throw on some music, and enjoy yourselves while you whip up a delicious meal. Cooking doesn’t have to be considered a chore; it can be a great way for you to unwind from the workday and create something new.

There are plenty of jobs around the kitchen for young children. Having them wash the veggies, select the dressing, set the table, or mix ingredients are all age-appropriate ways for them to get involved!

Build A Fort
Who didn’t love building forts as a kid? Why not let your imagination run wild and create a fort in the living room with your children? Not to mention, there are countless ideas and inspiration for forts on Pinterest. You can also pair this up with movie night for the ultimate movie-watching experience.

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