Fun Labor Day Activities for the Whole Family

Although the origin of the holiday is rooted in the American labor movement of the late 1800s, Labor Day today marks the end of summer and the start of a new school year. So, how will you celebrate it with your family this year? 


Here are a few Labor Day activities you can partake in to have a great day with your family: 

Host a Picnic 

Whether in your backyard or in a nearby park, pack a picnic basket with a few refreshing drinks, grab a blanket, and invite your favorite friends and family to join! What better way to enjoy the last few days of summer than with the people you love most?  

Take a Dip 

Nothing says summer quite like a dip in the pool! Be sure to obey the pool rules, wear plenty of sunscreen, and follow water safety tips to have a great day poolside.  

Spent Some Time in the Sun 

Some of our favorite memories as children are playing on a playground with our families. Take the Labor Day weekend to visit a local park with your kids and make memories. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer! 

Camp Under the Stars 

Enjoy the last few days of summer weather by spending the night under the stars. Pack up the car for a weekend escape away from the city lights so that you can bask in the glory of the clear beautiful night sky.   


So, what are your plans for the Labor Day weekend? We hope you enjoy it with those you love!  


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