Four Ways to Safely Enjoy the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is always full of love, energy and excitement, and most people have been counting down the days until Christmas for weeks, maybe even months! Even though we may have to celebrate differently this year, we know you are excited to spend time with family and celebrate the true meaning of the season.

We’ve compiled a list of fun activities to do with your family during the Christmas break:

  1. The Family Photo: This is one of those traditions that solidifies memories for a lifetime. Though you may have your own family photo routine, there are plenty of ideas on the internet to help you develop that picture-perfect shot.
  2. Host a Virtual Bible Study: There is no reason why the pandemic should keep you from safely practicing the word of God. Schedule a video chat session with your most devout family members and friends to go over what verse(s) brings you the most joy during the Christmas season. Don’t forget to remind everybody that hot cocoa is necessary!
  3. Send Thoughtful Christmas Cards: Though unintentionally, we often overlook individuals who play integral parts in keeping us healthy, safe, and wise. Take some time to send Christmas cards to a soldier, your family doctor, a past or present teacher or other mentor and thank them for their role in your life. Extra points if you write a meaningful bible verse to share.
  4. Virtually Get Together and Donate: For every person opening gifts on Christmas morning, there are many more that aren’t so fortunate. Gather a group to donate money, toys, clothes, or food and give to a charity of your choice. After all, that’s what the season of giving is all about!

Sharity Ministries wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and joyous festive season!


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