Remembering the Importance of Christmas

Every year, we celebrate Christmas on December 25th to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Although many of us take note of this day every year with garlands, gifts, and parties, it’s possible we’re forgetting the true importance of Christmas.

What People Think Christmas Means

Throughout the world, many families celebrate Christmas with those they love. The season has stretched beyond the Christian holiday and has become a $465 billion industry in the US alone.

Individuals are spending hundreds of dollars to purchase gifts, hang decorations, and prepare extravagant feasts in an effort to create joy. However, the Christmas season is also marked by sadness and stress as people struggle with their finances, loneliness, and other concerns.

We believe that if we all spent some additional time focusing on the real meaning and importance of Christmas, we can enjoy the season with full hearts and more joy.

What Christmas Really Means

Christmas represents the birth of Jesus Christ and the incarnation of our God. We need to spend time truly commemorating his divine existence and the fact that He came into this world to build a relationship with His people, help us understand our need for Him and ultimately forgive us for our sins.

As sons and daughters of God, we should consider taking in the awe of the season by focusing less on spending money and more on spending time with those we love. In doing so, we can enjoy the true spirit of Christmas.



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