National Blood Donor Awareness Month

January is National Blood Donor Awareness month. During the colder months, seasonal illness increases exponentially, and inclement weather often results in canceled blood drives, increasing the demand for blood donation and making donation during the month of January so critical. Donating blood can save millions of lives annually and improves health for many. A few reasons to donate blood this month are listed below.

Donating Blood Saves Lives

According to the American Red Cross, every day, volunteer blood donors help save the lives of accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, cancer patients, as well as COVID-19 patients. In the United States, a citizen needs blood every two seconds.

Donating is quick and easy!

Donating blood is safer and faster than ever before. The entire process takes about an hour from start to finish! With the ongoing pandemic, the American Red Cross specifically has taken additional measures to ensure the safety of their donors. Employees are required to adhere to strict safety protocols at every blood drive or donation facility. Only those that are healthy at the time of their donation are allowed to participate.

You will receive a mini check up

When you make an appointment to donate blood, you receive a mini physical examination upon arrival to ensure you meet health standards in order to donate. Should anything abnormal come up, your blood pressure, pulse and hemoglobin are checked and sent into a lab for analysis.

Are you ready to help save a life? Donate blood this month and contribute to saving millions of Americans lives that are in dire need of blood.  Although many are reluctant to donate, you could save a life with just one donation. If you’re interested in donating, click here.


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