National Read Across America Day

National Read Across America Day is celebrated each year on March 2nd in the United States. In 1998, the day was established by the National Education Association in an effort to make reading more fun for children across the nation. Every year, students, teachers, and parents make an effort to make reading more exciting and more interactive for children. 

How do you plan to celebrate National Read Across America Day this year? There are so many ways to make reading more exciting, and we hope that a few of the ideas we’ve gathered below help make this day more enjoyable and educational.  

Play Book Charades!  

Get together with classmates or friends and play book charades. Choose your favorite book and pick a scene from the book and act it out. Everyone will have to guess the title of the book based on your act! 

Start a Book Club 

Coordinate with fellow classmates or friends and family and start a monthly book club. Every month, someone can choose a book for everyone in the group to read. Then, get everyone together at the end of the month to discuss your favorite parts! You can even make your favorite snacks and desserts for everyone to enjoy while you discuss 

Play Book and Author Bingo! 

Online, there are tons of various reading themed bingo templates available for download. Download this Book and Author Bingo today and play a game with your loved ones!  



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