Happy First Day of Summer!

With the first day of summer upon us, it’s time to take advantage of the warmer weather and sunny skies that come with this new season. This year, the summer solstice falls on Sunday, June 20th in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is the longest day of the year in regard to the hours of sunlight per day. Although the hours of daily sunlight increase, the number of hours in the day remain the same. When the seasons change, what do you look forward to most? Do you have any summer travels planned?  

Whether you’re taking time off of work or school, traveling or planning a vacation, summer is always a relaxing treat. This season allows for more opportunity in terms of vacation options, making the month of June the perfect time to travel.  

Although travel is common during the summer, we can’t always drop everything and plan a vacation. Vacations are oftentimes expensive, and finding the perfect vacation spot can be difficult! A few travel tips are listed below.  

What other summer activities are you and your loved ones planning to enjoy this season? Whether that may be heading to the water park for a day trip, a short vacation to the beach, or even just relaxing in your backyard, be sure to make the most of these warmer months! 


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