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Healthcare Cost Sharing Explained

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Healthcare Cost Sharing Explained

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Medical Cost Sharing

Discover a healthy alternative to traditional health care for you and your family

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Health care sharing is not insurance.

Medical Cost Sharing: Sharity Ministries and Traditional Insurance Are Not the Same.

Sharity Ministries’ medical cost sharing programs provide an affordable and effective option for those who believe in individual responsibility, healthy living, and carrying one another’s medical burdens. At Sharity, everyone is charged with maintaining a healthy body and mind to keep costs down. In addition to eliminating hidden costs, health care sharing ministries encourage wholesome living by requiring members to sign agreements stating they will maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors or habits that produce sickness or disease in themselves or others.

A healthy way of life translates into lower monthly contributions and lower medical costs for the entire Sharity membership. We offer health care sharing programs to those who embrace wholesome, faithful lifestyle; at Sharity Ministries, quality does not have to be sacrificed because of cost.

Sharity Ministries – HCSM

  • Monthly Contributions
    Every month, members’ voluntary contributions are sent to Sharity Ministries, where they’re deposited into the members’ ShareBox accounts.

  • Member Shared Responsibility Amount (MSRA)
    The MSRA is the initial portion of each medical expense not shared with other members. A share request does not qualify for sharing until the total bill exceeds the individual’s MSRA.

  • Yearly Membership Sharing Limit
    This is the maximum sharing available on eligible sharing requests by other members for a year from the effective date of membership.

  • Lifetime Sharing Maximum
    This is the maximum amount that may be shared Member-to-Member over the lifetime of the membership.

  • Effective Date
    The date that the member becomes active in the Sharity Ministries program, which is determined at the time a member joins.

  • Sharity Recognized Provider Group
    This group of providers offers negotiated rates to ministry members and offers sustainability to the membership. Sharity Ministries does not own or operate this provider network.

Sharity Ministries is an HCSM and founded its principles of health care upon sharing one another’s burdens. With most medical cost sharing programs, individuals come together around a common religious or ethical belief. Members must sign a statement of beliefs in order to join our HCSM.

Learn about how health care sharing programs work.

Sharity Ministries’ health care sharing programs are quite simple, with only six steps involved.

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Member Contribution
Send Your Contribution to Sharity

Everyone’s monthly “share” is placed in the ShareBox until it is matched to another member’s eligible medical bills for member-to-member sharing.

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Visit a Doctor
Contact Member Services for Assistance

Call Member Services for assistance with locating a Sharity recognized provider. Upon arrival to the provider’s office, present your Sharity Member ID Card.

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Doctor Submits Bill
Your doctor sends the eligible medical need to Sharity

Your doctor sends bills electronically to Sharity Ministries or Sharity’s Third-Party Administrator. Share requests are reviewed according to membership guidelines, and if eligible, medical bills are shared among others.

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Sharity’s Membership Shares Costs
Member’s Contributions are Shared

Members contribute from the Sharebox to a secure online Sharebox account. Members are notified of eligible medical costs to be shared; members are asked to approve sharing a portion of their contribution with a fellow member to cover their eligible needs. If not approved after 3 days, the ministry defaults to an automatic approval.

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Payments To Doctors
Doctors, Hospitals and Specialists are Paid

Electronic payments are processed and providers are compensated. Services provided to members who have pre-existing conditions may not qualify for member sharing.

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Concerns or Questions?
Contact Sharity Care Specialists

Our team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your membership and are available M‑F, 8am-6pm ET at (855) 218-7005.

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