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Happy Father’s Day!


This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, the 21st of June. Father’s Day is a day to honor your fathers or paternal figures in your life. Although this special day is celebrated in different countries all over the world and on various different days, in the United States, it was first founded in 1910 on [...]

Happy Father’s Day!2021-06-28T14:37:39-05:00

Happy First Day of Summer!


With the first day of summer upon us, it’s time to take advantage of the warmer weather and sunny skies that come with this new season. This year, the summer solstice falls on Sunday, June 20th in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is the longest day of the year in regard to the hours of [...]

Happy First Day of Summer!2021-06-28T14:28:16-05:00

School is out!


It’s finally that time of year. School is coming to an end, and summer break is about to begin. Practices for warm weather sports have begun, summer trips are being planned, and everyone is getting outside to enjoy the warm months ahead. End of the school year usually concludes with classroom parties, picnics, and games. What are you looking [...]

School is out!2021-05-17T11:46:52-05:00

Simple Activities to Enjoy in May


Now that school has come to a conclusion, and the kids are back at home, you’re probably wondering how on Earth you’ll be able to keep them occupied the next 3 months. The good news is that we have a list of a few activities you and your family can enjoy this month.  Have a craft day  [...]

Simple Activities to Enjoy in May2021-05-17T11:44:24-05:00

Remembering Easter


This month, on April 4th, we came together to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, otherwise known as Easter Sunday. Mary arrived at Jesus’ tomb early on the morning of Easter Sunday, only to find the tomb vacant – signifying his Resurrection. Although we have designated a day each year to celebrate this monumental event, Easter is [...]

Remembering Easter2021-04-09T15:50:57-05:00

Spring Is Here!


Spring has finally arrived! With the winter months now behind us, the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the flowers are blooming. It’s time to put away those old snow boots and break out your spring sandals. Whether you are planting seasonal flowers in your garden or getting outside to get fresh [...]

Spring Is Here!2021-04-09T15:50:28-05:00

How Do We Let Go and Let God?


Letting go and letting God take control isn’t always the easiest task. Do you ever find yourself holding on to a certain circumstance in your life too tightly that is out of your control? Or do you find yourself hindered by an inconvenience or issue in your life? God never intended for us to face hard times [...]

How Do We Let Go and Let God?2021-03-09T10:34:39-05:00

National Read Across America Day


National Read Across America Day is celebrated each year on March 2nd in the United States. In 1998, the day was established by the National Education Association in an effort to make reading more fun for children across the nation. Every year, students, teachers, and parents make an effort to make reading more exciting and more interactive for children.  [...]

National Read Across America Day2021-03-09T10:35:26-05:00

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