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About Sharity Ministries

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About Sharity Ministries

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Medical Cost Sharing: A Tradition of Caring for One Another

Sharity Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) built on the centuries-old Christian tradition of sharing and bearing one another’s health care needs. Our members hold a common set of ethical and religious beliefs, and voluntarily agree to share their medical expenses in accordance with those beliefs. In other words, we guide the cost sharing of member contributions for certain eligible health care needs, such as hospitalization, surgery and emergency room visits.

Sharity Ministries programs are not insurance.

Sharity Ministries programs are built on the well-established model of health care sharing with a modern-day twist. We use innovative technologies to streamline access to individual and family-focused health care services at each step along the continuum of care. Our programs are designed to simplify the complexities of health care, while putting the power of choice back in the hands of our members, 24/7, 365 days/year.

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Sharity Ministries encourages wholesome living by requiring members to sign a Statement of Beliefs stating they will maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods, behaviors or habits that produce sickness or disease in themselves or others. A healthy way of life translates into lower monthly contributions and lower medical costs for the membership as a whole.

Higher Member Shared Responsibility Amounts (MSRAs) also help keep costs low, allowing members to set aside the savings to help pay the higher MSRA if needed. The MSRA reflects the amount of personal responsibility and stewardship members are expected to demonstrate; in other words, the amount a member must pay before asking others in the program to share in the cost of medical expenses. Once the MSRA is met, money from member shareboxes is used to cover eligible medical expenses.

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The Sharing Process


Every month, members send voluntary contributions to Sharity Ministries. These contributions are deposited into the members’ shareboxes, awaiting distribution for eligible medical expenses.


Members schedule appointments with participating in-network providers, making sure to verify the services eligible for sharing (according to their program) by calling member services beforehand.


Doctors send bills electronically to Sharity Ministries or its third-party administrator for eligibility review.


Members contribute towards all medical expenses from their shareboxes via secure online accounts.


Doctors and hospitals are reimbursed for the shareable amount of members’ medical bills.

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