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Sharity Ministries Terms

Monthly Contributions
Every month, members’ voluntary contributions are sent to Sharity Ministries, where they’re deposited into the members’ ShareBox accounts.

Member Shared Responsibility Amount (MSRA)
The MSRA is the initial portion of each medical expense not shared with other members annually. A share request does not qualify for sharing until the total medical expenses exceed the individual’s MSRA.

Yearly Membership Sharing Limit
This is the max sharing amount that is eligible for sharing requests per year beginning with the effective date of membership.

Lifetime Sharing Maximum
This is the maximum amount that may be shared Member-to-Member over the lifetime of the membership.

Effective Date
The date that the member becomes active in the Sharity Ministries program, which is determined at the time a member joins.

Sharity Recognized Provider Group
This group of providers offers negotiated rates to ministry members and offers sustainability to the membership. Sharity Ministries does not own or operate this provider network.

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